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United States Pocket ConstitutionEverybody talks about the Constitution, they tell you what is constitutional and what isn't. Why not have your own personal copy of it. Finally, the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence (including The Bill of Rights) together in one handy pocket sized book that you can carry with you, in your shirt pocket, back pocket or purse.
Makes a great education tool for children/students.
Makes a thoughtful caring gift!

This is an attractive, complete and unabridged copy of our founding documents, which many say are the finest documents ever penned by man, combined in pocket sized, sturdy book form.

Know your rights and liberties, order today- only $4.50/book
orders of 30 - 99 are discounted to $4.00/book
orders of 100 - 999  $3.50/book
1000 or more $2.50/book 
(Handling/applicable taxes/shipping included in price)

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1-29 books
30-99 books
100-999 books
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$4.50 per book
$4.00 per book
$3.50 per book
$2.50 per book

If you have any questions we will get back to you, 

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United States Pocket Constitution
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